Kittens rescued from storm drain at Quinnipiac University

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Kittens rescued from storm drain on Quinnipiac University in Hamden. (WFSB)

HAMDEN, Conn. — Students discovered kittens trapped in a storm drain at the Quinnipiac University campus on Monday night and crews were able to rescue the four trapped animals on Tuesday morning.

The students rolled up their sleeves along with others to make sure these cuties were brought to safety.

“I just saw their eyes because they were maybe about 20 feet back in the pipe,” QU student Kelly Cates told WFSB.

When students such as Cates spotted four kittens trapped in a storm drain, they sprang into action.

“I jumped in the drain and tried to get them out just with the flashlight on my phone,” Cates said.

While they were not making any headway, students enlisted the help of public safety. They were able to make sure all 16 paws were able to get to higher ground.

“I grabbed a few of my groundskeepers and they weren’t even taking a break and came up here, put our heads together,” QU University Grounds Senior Superintendent John Copela said.

One after one, each kitten was rescued. After 12 hours of tireless efforts, members of Bobcat nation would not resting until each cat was safe.

“I didn’t know this many people would be here for this,” Cates said. “I mean I love cats I wanted to do anything I could to get them out.”

The kittens’ mother was still in the storm drain on Tuesday, but she was considered healthy enough to come to the surface when she wants to. She was rescued on Wednesday afternoon.

The kittens were evaluated by a veterinarian. Once they get the all clear, they will be available for adoption.