Officials are mocked after Christmas tree promise comes up (very) short

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Many Welsh people quite literally overestimated the size of their local Christmas celebrations this year.

After erroneously promising a 40 meter tree — that’s 131 feet — would go up in front of Cardiff Castle last week, Cardiff Council has apologized for its mistake.

According to Wales Online, the tree is 40 feet tall and cost £30,000 to hire for three years from UK-based company MK Illuminations.

Cardiff, the capital of Wales, has a population of about 350,000. Citing more than just its surprisingly small stature, locals are expressing their disappointment with the Christmas display.

Many are turning to humor, in typical Welsh fashion, to cut Cardiff Council down to size.

But at least the decorations made it in time for the holiday season. City officials are pleased, despite all the criticism.

Kids, pay attention in math class!