How much snow for Western Washington this winter?

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SEATTLE -- We had 'El Nino' in 2015 and right now we are in what's called "Neutral," which would suggest a snowier season for the mountains than last year.

Some new computer models are suggesting a 70% chance for 'La Nina' for the rest of the fall and a 55% chance for La Nina this winter.

A Neutral pattern would suggest a snowier season for the mountains than last year. A La Nina pattern would fortify that claim and even give us more snow than normal. Both patterns suggest a better chance for lowland snow as well.

I will have some new computer data in a few days and the next “Neutral vs La Nina” update will be on the second Thursday of November.

Stay tuned -- but I do feel we have a great ski season to look forward to and a good possibility of some lowland snowfall this winter.

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