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‘Gilmore Girls’ fans can get coffee at pop-up Luke’s in Seattle on Wednesday

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Alexis Bledel, left, and Lauren Graham in “Gilmore Girls” in 2002.Credit Mitchell Haddad/WB

SEATTLE – If you’re a Gilmore Girls fan who has daydreamed about having coffee at Luke’s, you’ll get your chance Wednesday.

Three shops in Seattle and two in Spokane will be serve as “pop-up” versions of the frequent setting of the popular TV show, which is being rebooted on Netflix next month.

In Seattle, you’ll be able to visit a Luke’s at Drip City Coffee, Stone Way Café and Makeda Coffee.

In Spokane, two branches of Indaba Coffee will be transformed into the Star Hollow hotspot.

Even better: All the Luke’s pop-uos will be serving free coffee.