Group brutally attacks Vancouver teen, steals cell phone and groceries

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VANCOUVER, Wash. — A Vancouver teenager was violently attacked while walking home from the grocery store in what appears to be a random case of violence, and now police are looking for the suspects involved.

KPTV reports Kevin Van Dyne, 16, went to the Winco off Northeast Andresen Road and Northeast 25th Street in Vancouver for some late-night snacks around 1:00 a.m. Sunday.

As he was starting to walk home, he said he saw a group of teenagers near the neighboring Starbucks.

“I tried to cross the road, and they followed me, and one of the kids hits me in the back of the head with a metal pipe or something,” Van Dyne told FOX 12. “I just felt a sharp pain in the back of my head, and I didn’t know I was bleeding at the time.”

He said he tried to run away, but tripped and fell. He tried to protect his head while the teenagers tried to hit him again. They made off with his cell phone and his groceries.

Van Dyne got help from a nearby gas attendant who called the teen’s mother, Landrea Linge. She said they went by ambulance to the hospital, where Kevin got nine staples in his head to close a large gash wound.

“It tears my stomach up knowing that somebody literally tried to kill my child over a bag of groceries… $14,” she said.

Van Dyne told FOX 12 his attackers never said a word to him and he’s never seen them before.

“No mom ever wants to see their child like that,” Linge said. “He’s a sweet, kind kid. If they would have asked him to share, he would have shared. If they wanted something from him, he would have given it to them.”

Linge said she’s frustrated not only by the attack but also by the lack of response she said she’s gotten from police. She’s hoping nearby businesses will check their surveillance cameras in hopes the people responsible will be held accountable.

“I hope they get caught,” Van Dyne added.

He described his attackers as a group of four or five Hispanic teenagers, roughly middle school to early high school age. He added that they were wearing darker plaid shirts and jeans at the time of the attack.

“I want justice for my child,” Linge added. “I want somebody else’s child to be safe. I want to know that we can walk outside of our house and not get hurt.”

Anyone with information that could help with this investigation is asked to call Vancouver police.