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Cascade Mall shooting: Witness describes carnage inside Macy’s

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BURLINGTON, Wash. --  As some families deal with a tragic loss others are still shaken up.

Q13 FOX talked to a shopper who came face-to-face with the killer in the Cascade Mall shooting.

Joe Zavala was drinking coffee outside Macy's as his wife shopped inside Friday night. That's when he heard gunshots.

He told us he ran inside looking for her and instead witnessed the carnage.

"I still see him, I still see that man," Zavala said. "I think the heroes are the two young ladies who stayed with that man and the lady behind the counter who stayed with her friend, her co-worker. They're the heroes.

"That will never leave your mind, knowing that they passed away. These are people!"

Joe and Julie Zavala said the gunman appeared to be in a hurry and he left his gun on the counter.

They believe he worked his way from the dressing room toward the cosmetic counter.