Seahawks roundup: O-line worries, a tipped porta-potty, a fight in the stands

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SEATTLE – Yes, the Seattle Seahawks’ offense had a rough day. No, there was no need to tip a Rams fan’s porta-potty because of it.

The national media showed plenty of concern after the Seahawks’ 9-3 loss to the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday, while social media showed what appeared to be several Seahawks at something less than their best – including one in a fight, and another allegedly tipping over a porta-potty with a Rams fan still inside.

Yahoo asks if it’s too soon to panic about the Seahawks offense:

Yes, the offensive line is a concern. But quarterback Russell Wilson just wasn’t himself against Los Angeles, as he was hobbled by an ankle injury. Running backThomas Rawls is trying to find his form after returning from last season’s broken ankle. Tight end Jimmy Graham has yet to break out.

These – perhaps with the exception of the O-line – are all problems Seattle can fix as the season wears on. Seattle is still a contender in the NFC West and should improve.

As Carroll said after Sunday’s 9-3 loss: “We’re better than that.”

ESPN’s Sheil Kapadia says the offense might just need some more time, but that things are certainly ugly so far.

There’s no way to put a positive spin on the numbers associated with the run game. According to research by ESPN Stats & Information, the Seahawks were hit at or behind the line of scrimmage on 62 percent of their designed runs Sunday. That’s the second highest percentage since Wilson became the quarterback in 2012.

And Carroll pointed to another issue.

“Third downs have to go up again,” Carroll said. “We’ve got to get our third downs going on offense and keep converting them.”

The Seahawks are converting 31 percent of their third downs through two weeks. That ranks 25th. Last year, that number was 46.5 percent, which ranked fourth. According to Football Outsiders, the Seahawks were the best third-down offense in the NFL last year.

USA Today gives you five reasons the Seahawks’ offense has been a “total disaster so far.” Right near the top is the offensive line:

This line just wasn’t built for that. Part of the luxury of having Wilson is that you don’t need to spend a ton on an offensive line — in terms of team spending building an offensive line, the Seahawks ranked 32nd in the league, via Spotrac. The team spent just over $8 million in cap dollars putting together their O-line, $5 million less than the 31st-ranked team. Compare that to the Raiders, who spent over $37 million in cap dollars putting together an offensive line.

Line coach Tom Cable will get this group to work together better by the end of the season, but this is an extremely raw bunch right now.

A couple of Seahawks fans didn’t come off much better Sunday. A fight in the stands involving a Rams fan and a guy in a Russell Wilson jersey sent a nearby man with a child into hysterics:

And if this Instagram post is to be believed, this Rams fan’s trip to the porta-potty turned into a nightmare courtesy of a 12: