Police video of man arrested at Guns N’ Roses concert records threat, profanity

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GLENDALRE, Ariz. – Police on Tuesday released photos and video of a man who allegedly put up quite a fight when officers arrested him at last week’s Gun N’ Roses concert at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale.

Enrique Miranda, Jr., 32, was arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, KPHO reported.

Still photos taken from video recorded by the camera in the police car showed a handcuffed Miranda with what appeared to be a see-through bag over his head to prevent him from spitting on the officers.

That camera also recorded what he said while en route from the stadium to the police station, including a threat to kill officers. Despite the “spit hood,” Miranda’s words were very clear.

“I’m gonna remember your [expletives deleted] face!” he yelled while being put into the cruiser.

“So what’s the charge? What’d I do?” he asked the officers once they were on the road. “I didn’t do [expletive deleted].”

The officers informed him that he was being taken in for resisting arrest.

“Resisting arrest. Arrest for what? For skipping down the [expletive deleted] halls at a concert?”

Miranda made it clear that he disagreed with the officers, describing the arrest in one profanity-laced sentence.

As Miranda continued to swear at them, officers advised Miranda that he was being recorded.

“And?” Miranda said.

“Just lettin’ you know; just making you aware,” one of the officers replied.

“Yeah, where’s the [expletive deleted] video of them [expletive deleted] tazing me and [expletive deleted] throwing me against the wall and making me [expletive deleted] bleed out of my mouth?” Miranda wanted to know. “Where’s the video of that?”

“Where’s the video of them [expletive deleted] laughing at me while I [expletive deleted] had my pants down and them talking away my dignity …,” he continued. “Where’s the video of the officer taking video of me with my pants down and laughing at me. Where’s that?”

One of the officers said he could bring that up with the judge.

“Yeah, tell it to the judge. Right,” Miranda answered. “I didn’t even do [expletive deleted]. I’m skipping down a [expletive deleted] hall and I get [expletive deleted] tazed.”

“What the [expletive deleted] did I do, dude?” he continued. “I just came to have a good time, and this is what I get. I paid 150 bucks for this.

“Wow, dude. All I did was go to a concert tonight and I get [expletive deleted] — wow,” Miranda said a minute or two later, still insisting there was no reason for police to have arrested him. “I didn’t even do anything to anybody. I didn’t assault anybody. I didn’t hurt anybody. All I did was run my [expletive deleted] mouth.”

In their reports, the various officers involved in the situation described Miranda as “agitated,” “in an excited state” and “verbally abusive and combative,” saying he was “actively resisting” arrest.

Miranda said he was going to sue both the police and the stadium security team.

“I’m gonna sue all the [expletive deleted],” he said. “I didn’t even [expletive deleted] do anything to anybody at all. I could understand if I did something to somebody, but I didn’t. I didn’t [expletive deleted] hurt nobody. I didn’t touch nobody. I didn’t assault nobody. Wow, dude. Wow. Wow. That’s [expletive deleted] up, dude,” he said.

About halfway through the ride, Miranda threatened the officers again.

“You think you’re [expletive deleted] tough because you’re a cop, [expletive deleted]? … I’ll sneak in your house [expletive deleted] and [expletive deleted] kill you in your sleep, punk.”

It was not the last threat he would make.

Miranda was in the police car for about 20 minutes. The officers, for the most part, were quiet and did not engage him beyond a few sentences.

In addition to the video, the Glendale Police Department also released three photos.

One was a closeup of the handcuffs, which Miranda said were very tight at least four times. At one point he said he could not feel his fingers.

The other two photos documented some scratches sustained in the struggle with officers. A Phoenix officer who was involved in the incident said she might have been responsible for those in her ‘attempted to gain control of him.’

“The profuse sweating made it nearly impossible to keep a hold on him for any length of time,” she wrote in her report.

Police arrested another man in an unrelated incident. Kenneth Nouis, 24, was arrested for allegedly punching a police officer in the parking lot of University of Phoenix Stadium.