Church bakes 1,000 cookies for police department

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**Embargo: Kansas City** A chaplain and other church members turned into bakers for their "Cookies for Cops" fundraiser.

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. – Following the deaths of Brad Lancaster and Robert Melton, the community continues to rally and show support for the Kansas City, KS Police Department.

One church in Overland Park dedicated its time and baked hundreds of cookies for the department’s officers.

A chaplain and other church members turned into bakers for their “Cookies for Cops” fundraiser.

United Church Prayer Chaplain Gary Spaulding and members of his Overland Park church spent nine straight hours Thursday baking cookies for the KCK Police Department.

The kitchen in the church has a simple motto: “Love people. Make them tasty food.”

Spaulding said his members were compelled to do something nice for the department following the tragic losses the department has suffered this year.

“The officers in Kansas City have had two losses in three months,” Spaulding said. “It’s devastating.”

Lancaster was killed in action in May 9. Just weeks later, Melton was killed on July 19.

“So many people are just heartbroken over what’s been going on,” Chapman said.

It wasn’t easy, however.

Donations were needed to buy all the ingredients to make about 1,000 cookies for the department. Before each batch of cookies is delivered to the department, members bless it.

“To know what the love and the joy that went into making these cookies is the same love and joy that will go to those who receive them,” said Brandon Nagel, reverend of Unity Church. “We put little notes on top of each one of our cookie packages.”

Those notes read, “We love you and we appreciate you.”

While at one delivery, another woman happened to stop by and dropped off a cake to the department.

“We were pretty excited and feel appreciative and thankful they thought of us,” said Kansas City, KS public information officer Patrick McCallop. “Just through the whole ordeal, the overwhelming response from the community has been great.”