Video: Man makes world’s highest bungee jump, but forgets to empty pockets

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CAPE TOWN, South Africa – During a trip of a lifetime, an Irishman’s experience on the world’s highest bungee jump resulted in a valuable lesson – empty your pockets before you jump.

Mairtin Farragher was brave enough to make the jump off the Bloukran’s Bridge in South Africa. He managed to hold his GoPro camera during the jump, but forgot to take his phone out of his pocket.

Video of the his jump was posted to Facebook and it shows his cell phone slide out of his pants pocket. It is not until Farragher sees some loose coins fall out of his pocket that he realizes his phone was missing.

The same phone was stolen earlier this year while he was on a trip to Italy, but it was recovered by police, Farragher mentioned in his online post. Unfortunately, officials weren’t going to go searching for it this time.

(Warning: Contains graphic language)

Moment when the phone drops out of his pocket.

Moment when the phone drops out of his pocket.

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