Man takes to social media to find his adopted brother

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**Embargo: St. Louis, MO** Ricky Campbell is taking to Facebook hoping to find his long lost brother.

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – A local man is taking to social media to try and find his brother who was adopted back in 2001.

Ricky Campbell’s parents divorced when he was young.

His father remarried and had his half brother Joshua.

Ricky said he remembers everything being fine until his dad and stepmom hit a rough patch in their lives.

Ricky was about 16 at the time and Joshua was three.

His father and stepmother decided it was best for Joshua to be adopted.

Ricky said he has a lot of memories of Joshua as a young spunky little kid.

For years Ricky said he has thought about Joshua, but the adoption agency told him he could not reach out until Joshua was 18.

Ricky had seen others reunite with family members by posting on Facebook, and decided to give it a try.

His post has been shared thousands of times.

Ricky said he is doing this because whether Joshua knows it or not, he is his brother.

“I just want to know him, I want to hang out with him keep him out of trouble, if I have to,” Ricky said. “I worry about him a lot, I worry where he went to school, if he want to a good school, does he have friends looking out for him and stuff like that.”

Ricky has a slight correction to his poster; Joshua was adopted in Jefferson County not St. Louis.


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