Puppy needs help after thrown from balcony of home

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**Embargo: Kansas City** Max was rushed to KC Pet Project by an animal control officer after he sustained life-threatening injuries.


Max is a old border collie puppy.

Max still loves people unconditionally, despite the fact someone threw Max off a balcony.

“We were told that he was thrown off of a balcony by someone the owner knew – came to us – and he has a fractured leg, several front teeth were knocked out – he was bleeding from the mouth – whenever he came in and also he had bruised lungs,” said Tori Fugate with KC Pet Project.

His leg injury was bad enough – he’ll require extensive surgery with pins and plates to ensure he’ll be able to use his leg throughout his life.

Right now Max is in a lot of pain that’s being controlled by medication. He wants to play – but his activities are being limited until he can get that surgery that’s going to cost about $2,500.

That’s why KC pet project is asking for donations to the Roadrunner fund.

Roadrunner was the Kansas City pup who was strangled and tossed from a balcony in 2014. His injuries were so severe — he lost both of his eyes.

His story generated a wave of action from animal lovers across the city — one that continues to this day — through the Road Runner fund — a fund that helps injured animals just like max and roadrunner every single day.

“It’s almost like a trauma center in our vet clinic — some days it’s like an ER center — we’re just hustling all day long to help animals that are coming in and out here no matter the circumstances. We’ll stop Whatever we’re doing in order to provide care for these animals,” said Fugate.

The shelter takes in nearly 30 animals a day — and out of those — at least 4 or 5 come in with injuries that need to be treated.


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