Man shoots burglar with thief’s own gun, police say

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KANSAS CITY – Kansas City police said were called to the scene of an overnight burglary and shooting that sent one person, the burglar, to the hospital.

Dispatch said an alarm went off at the home right before the shooting. Police at the scene said the homeowner shot the burglar and the burglar was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

Neighbor John Dudley said he heard gunshots and, next thing he knew, his neighbor rang his doorbell. He opened his door to find his neighbor on the sidewalk with a gun in his hand.

Dudley said the neighbor was on the phone with police, screaming frantically about what had just happened.

“He said that someone broke into his house, had a gun, he got the gun away from him and shot him,” Dudley said. “And he was a little bit upset.”

Police put the homeowner in handcuffs in the back of a police car, but he was released a short time later. No one has been arrested and police are citing self defense.