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Man accused of felony hit and run arrested in Olympia thanks to viewer tips

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CAPTURED Aug. 10, 2016 -- 

Lewis County Sheriff Rob Snaza says Robert Hicks was taken into custody without incident at an apartment complex in the Olympia area. Police received several tips after the story aired Tuesday evening on Q13 News.

WANTED Aug. 9, 2016 -- 

LEWIS COUNTY, Wash. - Lewis County Sheriff’s deputies are asking for the public’s help finding a man accused of felony hit and run.

Robert Hicks is also charged with vehicular assault, after deputies say he hit Missy Crosse’s truck at about 5:30 a.m. Tuesday on N. Military Rd on July 24th in Winlock.

The mother of 10 and grandmother of 12 children was on her way to work at Safeway in Chehalis.

"I want this person so bad that we've issued a nationwide warrant for his arrest, a $500,000 warrant for him and we will go anywhere to capture him," said Lewis County Sheriff Rob Snaza.

Investigators say evidence shows Hicks was texting women he’d met in a bar before he drifted into the northbound lane of N. Military Rd in Winlock.

Deputies say Hicks told Crosse he was going for help and then ran from the scene.

"I'm really mad at what he did," said Crosse's sister, Carla Ladino. "He left her on the side of the road like a dog. He didn't even call for help. She could have died,"

Crosse's truck was discovered by a passerby.

The collision broke all of the bones in her face as well as much of her body. She has fractures in her back and is in a full body suit from chest to pelvis.

She will need full facial reconstruction and is missing most of her teeth. Her palate was split in half. She has fractured left and right feet. She was just taken off a feeding tube and is now at home in Winlock after spending more than two weeks in a Portland hospital.

“She wants him caught and she wants an apology from him,” Ladino said.

Detectives say Hicks is likely hiding in either Winlock or in the Kent\Des Moines areas in King County.

“He doesn't care about a mother with children, and if he doesn't care about them, he's not gonna care about you or anybody else." Snaza said.

Snaza said police will arrest anyone who is helping Hicks hide.

If you have information on Robert Hicks or his location, please call 911 or contact Detective Sergeant Kevin Engelbertson at the Lewis County Sheriff's office at 360-740-1373.