Clinton slams Trump, rebuts his economic proposals

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ST. PETERSBURG, Florida (CNN) — Hillary Clinton launched fresh attacks on Donald Trump’s business record and temperament on Monday, casting the businessman as a cheat who has repeatedly “stiffed” American workers and a person who appears to take “pleasure” in attacking protesters, journalists and a Gold Star family.

With Election Day exactly three months away, Clinton kicked off the week with campaign stops in the crucial battleground state of Florida. Speaking to supporters in St. Petersburg, the former secretary of state warned that her Republican opponent is a threat to both national security and the economy.

“There is no other Donald Trump. What you see is what you get,” Clinton said. “He is still the same Donald Trump making shirts and ties overseas instead of in the United States … He is the same Donald Trump who refuses to pay his bills to small businesses and working people.”

Clinton described the billionaire businessman — a prolific user of Twitter — as someone who “can be provoked by a tweet.”

“He is the same person who can be provoked by a tweet and who takes apparent pleasure in tormenting protesters at rallies or a reporter with a tough question — even a crying baby and a Gold Star family,” Clinton said, referencing events involving Trump last week.

Clinton also offered a direct rebuttal to Trump’s remarks about the economy in Detroit, Michigan, earlier in the day, which the GOP nominee billed a major policy speech.

“He wants to basically just re-package trickle down economics. Now, you know that old saying, ‘Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me?'” Clinton said. “Trickle down economics does not help our economy grow. It does not help the vast majority of Americans.”

Stressing the importance of the fall election, Clinton urged the crowd: “Don’t let a friend vote Trump.”

At a family-owned beer brewery earlier in the day, Clinton accused Trump for engaging in the business practice of refusing to pay workers for their services. Clinton said she has met countless people who were “stiffed” by Trump and told: “Just sue us,” and drew on her personal experience of having watched her own father run a small print plan as a child.

“He worked really hard and made a good living for my mother, my brothers and me,” Clinton said about her father at 3 Daughters Brewing, surrounded by thousands of stacked beer cans and large silver brew houses. “That’s why I just can’t imagine — he’d worked so hard — if he had delivered the finished goods to the people who had ordered them, that they would say we’re not going to pay you. And that’s what Trump has done time and time again.”

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