Camas man badly hurt after 35-foot back-flip off steep embankment

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**Embargo: Portland, OR** A local man suffered a broken back, knee, spinal injuries after he attempted a backflip off of a steep bank in Lacamas on Sunday.

CAMAS, Wash. – A Camas man suffered a broken back, knee, spinal injuries after he attempted a backflip off of a steep bank in Lacamas on Sunday.

Cody Fowler said he and a few friends went to the popular swimming hole known as “the potholes” in Lacamas late Sunday afternoon when he decided to jump from a higher rock.

“We were just jumping off the cliffs and there was one cliff I wanted to back flip off and there was like a 6-foot rock at the bottom that I had to clear,” he said.

Before he knew it, Fowler claims the ground caved from underneath and he had dropped 35 feet onto a rock below. He said he could not move his legs.

“All of a sudden my arms started working so I just I swam to the rock,” Fowler said. “I’m lucky my friend was there or else I don’t think I’d be here.”

The Camas-Washougal Fire Department was called to the area and Fowler was airlifted to Peacehealth Southwest Medical Center.

Fowler told Fox 12 he has two sons, and he is worried about medical expenses because he does not have insurance, although his family has been trying to help out.

“Any, any help from people would be greatly appreciated,” said Fowler’s mom, Penny.

His sister started a GoFundMe page for people to donate to his medical expenses.

Fowler said he definitely learned his lesson.

“Before I was fearless, now I’m not,” he said. “These things can happen to anyone.”


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