City councilman removed from meeting in handcuffs

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**Embargo: Flint - Saginaw, MI** Councilman Eric Mays was handcuffed and forcefully removed from a meeting.

FLINT, Mich. — A city councilman says he’s the victim of a body that’s overstepping its bounds.

The debate about garbage degenerated into talking trash when Flint Councilman Eric Mays was handcuffed and forcefully removed from the meeting Monday night.

“Because this is a kangaroo council, they’re trying to force something through illegally, they’re politicking and posturing against the mayor,” Mays said.

The city council and the mayor can’t agree on which company should pick up the city’s trash. Outside the meeting, residents protested. Inside, council members were wound up and Mays was reportedly disruptive throughout the meeting.

“I have no beef with this officer, what I have a beef with is those colleagues of mine that’s just trying to do wrong with the law,” Mays said.

“We have short term solution, but we are going to be sitting down with council to get this issue resolved,” Mayor Karen Weaver said.

But that stinks to some residents and it may also to a judge.

“The judge made it extremely clear that he wanted no disruption in waste collection services while the political bickering took place across the street,” Council Member Scott Kincaid said.

A short-term solution was made at the meeting, with Republic continuing trash pickup through next Friday.

Both sides will be back in court Tuesday.


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