Pit bull stabbed 5 times while saving woman from attacker

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A heroic pit bull saved a woman from a knife attack in Baldwin, Georgia.

The dog nicknamed, Hero, put his life on the line to help a woman apparently in a fight with another man.

According to police, Hero was able to separate the attacker from the woman. The dog was stabbed five times.

Two officers brought the dog to a local veterinarian to be treated for his injuries.

According to WATE, the dog nearly died during surgery. Carla Welch, a Knoxville woman who runs a pit bull rescue, raised money to pay the medical bills. Hero is rehabilitating and will be put up for adoption.

“He has had a really rough life. He has had a bum back leg and a bum front leg, but he gets around fine and he’s looking for a good friend,” Welch told the station.

No further information about the attack was released.