Adele pulls her impersonator up on stage at KeyArena

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SEATTLE – Pop superstar Adele finished serenading thousands of fans at KeyArena in the last of her two sold-out shows in Seattle. Some fans are describing the shows as memorable, but for one local man, it was an experience he will never forget.

Kris Zello from Seattle considers himself Adele's biggest fan. So much so that Kris, who is also known as local drag star "Kristie Champagne" impersonates the songstress every Friday and Saturday at Julia's restaurant in Capitol Hill.

During Monday night's show, Kristie Champagne went to the concert with her best Adele attire, makeup and all. The resemblance was so uncanny, Adele noticed Kristie while she was performing and asked her impersonator to join her on stage.

“Ten thousand times higher than I expected,” said Zello. “She was so amazing and so beautiful and perfect. There was nothing wrong with her."

Champagne says it's been her dream to meet her idol, but she never thought it would be in front of thousands of people. While on the stage, Champagne took the chance to tell Adele how much she's impacted her life.

“I wanted her to know that her music not only is amazing but it touches people in ways that she probably even knows, and I didn't want to miss my opportunity to tell her that she really helped to become the person I am today,” said Zello.

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