Police search home, backyard of missing 27-year-old Kenmore mother of two

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KENMORE, Wash. -- The search intensified Friday for 27-year-old Jamie Haggard, a mother of two who has been missing for more than a month.

King County sheriff’s deputies searched through the home, Jamie’s roommates’ cars and the backyard.

A backhoe was also brought in to slowly sift through the piles of trash in the backyard – and a recently filled-in hole.

“When it’s in your neighborhood, you want to be concerned about what’s going on,” said neighbor Karen Nall.

For neighbors along Northeast 145th street in Kenmore, watching detectives and cadaver dogs search for a missing mother of twins was unsettling.

“It’s creepy, it’s sad,” said Nall.

Haggard hasn’t been seen or heard from by her family since June 8.

Sheriff’s deputies said activity on her cell phone and bank accounts have all stopped – and now Jamie’s family is desperate to know where she is.

“It seems very unusual that no one has heard from her in that long,” said Alicia Falling, Jamie’s cousin. “I fear the most that somebody hurt her.”

Deputies showed up to Haggard's house Friday morning with a search warrant.

Deputies said at one point there once was a dug-out hole in the back yard, but since Haggard's disappearance, someone has filled the hole with dirt.

“I’m hoping that they find her and that she’s not dead,” said neighbor John Bund. “I hope this is all a ruse and it turns out to be nothing.”

That’s also something Falling hopes for too, for the sake of  Haggard's young children.

“She has two little girls that love her and a family that loves her so much,” she said.

Detectives appeared to have removed evidence from the Kenmore home on Friday but did not find clues that could lead them to Haggard.


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