Edmonds police looking for 2 suspects who burglarized family’s home

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EDMONDS, Wash. -- Edmonds police say a suspect caught on surveillance video left a family in fear, after entering their home through an unlocked bedroom window to steal jewelry, an iPad and credit cards.

"Obviously, we're not willing to show our faces, or our names, or our location in fear that these people are still out there victimizing others," one of the victims said.

Police say the man had an accomplice, a woman, who was seen on camera using the victims' credit cards at the Target store in Woodinville.

Police say crimes like this are a community-wide issue. That sense of violation is why they take these cases so seriously -- they're hoping someone will recognize the two suspects.

Meanwhile, the victim has increased his home security and has a message for the crook caught on video in a Subway sandwich line.

"I would encourage him to seek help, um, because he's traveling down the wrong road," the victim said.

If you recognize the male suspect, call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.



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