Election watchdog commission votes to send Eyman case to attorney general for action

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OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) — Washington state’s election watchdog is asking the attorney general’s office to take “appropriate action” against initiative promoter Tim Eyman over allegations Eyman failed to disclose independent expenditures related to campaign videos.

A Public Disclosure Commission staff investigation found the videos targeted lawmakers who opposed a proposal to require a two-thirds supermajority for tax increases. The videos urged people to “Vote Them Out!”

The videos were paid for by an Eyman campaign promoting an initiative to bring back $30 car tab fees in Washington. The PDC probe alleged the videos were an independent campaign expenditure, and that Eyman’s campaign failed to properly report them and failed to have a special disclaimer tag for the ads.

At a special meeting Friday, all four PDC commissioners voted to send the case to the attorney general’s office, said Lori Anderson, spokeswoman for the commission.

An attorney for Eyman has said Eyman believed his PDC filings were correct and the campaign didn’t try to hide its sponsorship of the ads.