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Ask a Cop: ‘3 Strikes Law’ question — why do I keep seeing repeat felons on WMW?

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Q: “I often see people on Washington’s Most Wanted that are repeat felony offenders, so what happened to the ‘3 Strikes Law’ and why are these people back on the streets?” — Travis

A: “Travis, the 3 Strikes law sometime can be confusing. The reason why we see a lot of felons on the show repeat is because they’re property crimes, identity thefts, those don’t count as ‘3 Strikes.’ ‘3 Strikes’ convictions count when they’re crimes against people or they’re violent crimes. So, if you’re a burglar, or a thief, or an ID thief that’s not going to count towards your ‘3 Strikes.’ If you’re doing robberies, rapes, attempted homicides those type of activities are going to get you a 3rd strike and you’ll end up in prison for life.” — Pierce County Det. Ed Troyer