‘It’s a mindset more than anything:’ Security experts offer tips to prevent home break-ins

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SEATTLE -- No matter where you live thieves target homes in every neighborhood, according to security experts.  However, they say there are small and inexpensive changes everyone can make to secure their home.

“It’s a mindset more than anything,” said Jerold McGlothlin with 25/7 Protection Security Super Store. “We can’t assume it’s not going to happen to us. We have to prepare so that it doesn’t happen to us.”

McGlothlin says the key is to take a proactive approach and do things around your home that would make a criminal uncomfortable.  He recommends installing security bars to sliding glass doors, locks to backyard gates, and window alarms. All of them cost less than $20 each.

“It can sure change the environment to where a bad guy runs away,” said McGlothlin.

Another option is a perimeter alert with a flashing light for under $200. When someone walks on to your property, a speaker notifies the homeowner and the light flashes to scare them off.

If a homeowner chooses to spend more money installing security cameras, McGlothlin says it’s important that they are visible.

At the Home Depot in Bellevue, assistant manager Cylina Rivero deals with a lot of people who are searching for do-it yourself security products.

“People come in every day looking for home security items,” said Rivero.

Experts say take a proactive approach to protecting your home so thieves look for an easier target.