Arrest made in theft of customized tricycle from disabled Bremerton man

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BREMERTON, Wash. -- A 28-year-old East Bremerton man was arrested Friday for allegedly stealing a specially configured adult tricycle from Pablo Lozano, a popular Bremerton disabled man.

The King County Sheriff's Office said the man was booked into the county jail Friday morning on a probable cause charge for theft and an unrelated theft warrant.

"The arrest ... came about directly as a result of an anonymous trip called into KITSAP 911, citing the story aired over this morning's Q13 FOX News broadcast. Great work by Jamie, Q13 FOX news, and WMW!" wrote Scott Wilson, deputy sheriff, in an email to Q13 News.

Wilson said the suspect told investigators he uses a lot of meth and has blackouts and doesn't remember stealing the trike, but  that when he realized he had it in his possession, he "felt bad" but didn't know what to do, so he rode it to a nearby church in Port Orchard and never saw it again. He told detectives he could not remember the name of the church.

A suspect was recently seen on surveillance camera as he rode the trike through the Fantasy Espresso in Bremerton.

Someone in May stole Pablo’s trike from the the parking lot of a Fred Meyer, where Pablo works.  Pablo said he parked it right outside the store before he started his shift. He says he left it charging, but not locked up.  Pablo said a co-worker told him he saw someone riding off on the trike down Highway 303.

“It was customized for me because it had the brakes on the left hand, since I can’t use my right hand,” Pablo told Q13 News in May.

A stroke and meningitis at the age of 5 left Pablo disabled, so Pablo used his customized trike to get to and from work.

Seattle E-bike was so moved by his story that they donated a customized trike to Pablo. But the Bremerton crime victim said he still would like to have his old tricycle recovered.