A Ducks vehicle involved in minor crash for second time in 3 months; no injuries (VIDEO)

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SEATTLE -- A Ride the Ducks amphibious vehicle carrying passengers crashed into the back of a car on 5th near Pine on Thursday afternoon, Seattle Police confirmed.

There were no injuries, a police spokesman said.

But the driver of the Duck vehicle was cited, police said. The exact type of citation was unknown, the police spokesman said.

The crash was quickly cleared.

It was the second minor crash involving a Duck vehicle in the past three months. But after the last one, in March, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray called for the Duck tourist vehicles to be pulled off the streets

Ducks vehicle involved in minor crash; mayor calls for them to be pulled off streets

In September 2015, a Duck vehicle lost control on the Aurora Bridge and crashed into the side of a charter bus, killing five people on the bus.