Olympia city leaders look to address ‘dangerous’ rural road

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OLYMPIA, Wash. – it’s a stretch of road locals have been calling a death trap for years, and now Olympia city leaders say they are working on a plan to improve safety on Wiggins Road near Herman Road.

Phil Blakeway doesn’t just live on Wiggins Road, but he also happens to be a tow truck driver who has had to respond to scenes just feet away from his home.

Blakeway said drivers aren’t the only ones in danger but pedestrians too.

“That’s a death warrant to walk down this road, basically you’re walking on the edge, and there’s no room; there’s no bike trail,” said Blakeway.

There’s also no sidewalk, no shoulder and no turn lanes on this two-lane road. Blakeway said another major concern are the ditches along Wiggins Road that can be 6 feet deep.

Neighbor Rich Lalicker said just this March, a motor home fell into a ditch. He even snapped a picture when it happened.

“I’ve had to call 911 and say, there’s someone trying to get out … once they’re in there, they’re really going to have a hard time getting out,” said Lalicker.

With approximately 10,000 drivers using the road each day, Olympia city leaders are now working to address the concern.

“This is a roadway that was again built rural standards,” said Olympia Public Works Director Rich Hoey. “It doesn’t meet today’s standards.”

Hoey will recommend funding a study to improve safety. He plans to address the city council on this very issue next month and suggest funding from the capital facilities plan.