Fire destroys Auburn home, police investigate

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AUBURN, Wash. -- An early morning fire along Hazel Ave SE in Auburn destroyed a house, and police are now part of the investigation.

The fire started around 3:00 Monday morning and flames could be seen shooting twenty feet into the air. It took firefighters around 40 minutes to put it out.

They are not sure if anyone was in the home because the flames made the house too unstable to enter.

Neighbors say one man lived in the house, and they believed he was out of town at the time. But a truck and motorcycle are still in the home, and family members were having trouble contacting him.

There also appeared to be a hose coming out of the gas tank of the truck and a gas can nearby as if someone had been siphoning fuel.

That will also be part of the investigation once contractors can come in and secure the house so police and firefighters can finally enter.