Father shares important message about concussions after son’s tragic hit during a youth football game

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Concussions are a reality in youth sports and sadly in life. Does that mean we should live in a bubble? No. It is important that we understand what a concussion is, react properly, and let a concussion properly heal.   A new study from the UW researchers and the folks at Seattle Children’s Hospital reveal some important new data about concussions.   They found between 1-2 million kids under 18-years-old suffer a concussion each year playing a sport or recreational activity. What really got me… is that more than 500,000 concussions go unreported. This is a scary fact, considering the serious and even deadly consequences that can result if a concussion is ignored.
Here’s what I know. A concussion is a brain injury. If you’re leg is broken, you don’t run on it. So why would you play Russian Roulette with your brain or that of a student athlete? We have made great strides in raising awareness about concussions and the dangers of “playing tough”… but if even one kid goes back into a game too soon… it’s one too many.
Take a moment to watch my interview with Victor Lystedt. He is a father who knows all to well, the risks involved. Victor’s son, Zack, suffered a devastating concussion playing football in middle school. It’s taken Zack year’s to recover and he is still working hard everyday to find his new normal. Zack and Victor want us all to learn from their story.
Please share their message with the people in your life.  Concussions are a brain injury.  As Zack always says to me, “When it doubt, sit them out.”