Seattle mayor: “We can’t give into fear” as he goes out on Capitol Hill with husband

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SEATTLE – Seattle’s mayor hit the town on Saturday night with his husband to show solidarity after 49 people were killed at an Orlando nightclub last Sunday.

Mayor Ed Murray and his husband Michael Shiosaki went to Purr Cocktail Lounge in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood on Saturday night.

“In light of the attacks in Orlando, it is important to remind people that we cannot give into fear.  This is Capitol Hill. This is a great neighborhood, This is a safe neighborhood. This has been our LGBT neighborhood for decade after decade after decade. So Michael and I are out, because we’re not afraid and we can’t give into fear,” Murray said.

“It’s our neighborhood,” his husband Michael added. “To give in to the terrorists, that’s not what we want to do. We want to be out here and we’re not going to be intimidated,” he said.

Murray said that there has been extra police patrols in the Capital Hill area since the shooting in Orlando.

“I hope it shows that we as a city are doing everything we can, that the police force is doing everything they can to make sure that this neighborhood is a safe neighborhood that people are not going to be attacked simply because of who they are,” he said.

Seattle’s 42nd annual pride parade is Sunday, June 26 at 11 a.m.. Murray and the Seattle police have said extra patrols will be in the area for all pride festivities.