Man dressed like UPS driver caught on camera stealing packages

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AUBURN - An Auburn woman catches a thief dressed as a UPS worker walks up to her porch and steal a package.  Seconds later, he walks right by an actual UPS delivery man.

When Kelly Gordon first looked at the surveillance video, she didn’t suspect theft.

“At first I thought why is that UPS guy picking up that package?” she says. “Maybe he delivered it to the wrong place, you always think there's a reason for it.”

Then she realized she never got a book she’d ordered online. So she called Auburn Police and showed them the surveillance video. The suspect is wearing a brown shirt and shorts.

“Even the officer said I think that's a UPS uniform,” she says. “Then he noticed there's no emblem. So we figured out he just dresses that way to look like a driver. It was so close, it was hard to tell.”

The strangest part of the video may be that a UPS driver walks up to the house as the suspect walks away. He doesn’t do anything, but Gordon doesn’t fault him.

“I know he's probably focused on what he's doing. The last thing he's thinking is that a thief, do I need to call somebody?”

The UPS security team is now reviewing the incident. Auburn Police are also investigating, and Gordon hopes they can track down the suspect so her neighbors don’t become victims.

She’s also wondering if there’s a way to protect her packages in the future.

“I’m thinking there's got to be some kind of container we can make or get where you can drop it in, but you can't pull it out.”

Law enforcement say the only way to be sure packages aren’t stolen is to have them delivered to an office or secure drop box.

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