Surprising local teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week!

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LAKE STEVENS - Mr. Kusler has taught kindergarten, in this very same room at Skyline Elementary in Lake Stevens, for over 20 years! We surprised him in front of his students to let him know someone nominated him to be recognized for all that he has done. He says one of the best parts of his job is teaching kids to read and watching them flourish.

Watch the video above to see the surprise in action; and be sure to thank ALL teachers as school ends for the summer break.

Teachers are heroes; and we know there are many more around us. Does anyone you know deserve to be recognized as an Everyday Hero? It can be anyone from the barista who always hands you your daily latte with a smile, to the military veteran down the street. Nominate someone and tell us why they deserve recognition, and we could be surprising them soon on our show! Just head to the Q13 FOX Facebook page and click on the "Everyday Heroes" button on the left side of the page.

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