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State convention for Washington Democrats convenes Friday

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TACOMA, Wash. (AP) _ State Democrats will convene for their state convention this weekend to finish electing delegates to the national convention and to pass a party latform.

The convention begins Friday, with delegate meetings and an evening keynote speech by Secretary of Labor Tom Perez.

On Saturday, the party will adopt its platform and elect the presidential electors who will cast the state’s Electoral College vote in December.

On Sunday, the remaining 34 national delegates and eight alternates to the Democratic National Convention will be elected. Bernie Sanders won the state’s Democratic caucuses in March and will have 74 delegates representing him at the national convention in Philadelphia in July. Hillary Clinton, the presumed Democratic nominee, will have 27 delegates from Washington state. In addition, 17 superdelegates, most of whom have already pledged their support to Clinton, will represent the state at the convention.