Local Muslims condemn violence in Orlando

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REDMOND – CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, put out a statement today condemning the violence in Orlando and saying the shooter doesn’t represent the ideals of their faith.

Nihal Fahim, a Muslim woman who lives in Redmond with her family, says she’s just like any other American mother who is working hard and trying to raise her kids in a safe environment. She doesn’t want people to judge or discriminate against her, because of what one extremist did.

“It’s sad that people see that, and they don’t see all the other contributions that Muslims have done in the country.”

Fahim also says it’s unfortunate that this incident happened so soon after the funeral of Muhammed Ali. She says he helped show people the peaceful nature of their religion.

CAIR is urging American Muslims around the country to show their support for the victims, by donating blood in their honor.