Car prowls on rise in Redmond

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Education Hill in Redmond is named that because so many schools pepper the neighborhood.

These days car prowlers are also hanging around the area.

Redmond Police are warning people who live in the Education Hill neighborhood to lock up their cars and hide their valuables.

During the last week of May, car prowlers hit 26 cars there.

Police say too many people feel too comfortable around the area and are leaving their cars unlocked. That was the case with 19 of the 26 cars that were targeted.

Redmond Police are increasing patrols in the area and they’ve added an officer to the property crime unit to help investigate the latest car prowls, but they say people need to do their part as well.

That includes always locking car doors, and remove anything that could be considered valuable, including car chargers, sunglasses and spare change.


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