Police say UCLA killer took bus to campus

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Police have identified Mainak Sarkar as the gunman who opened fire in an apparent murder-suicide at UCLA.

LOS ANGELES (AP) —Los Angeles police say a man who drove from Minnesota to kill his college professor at UCLA finished his deadly journey by bus.

Authorities say Mainak Sarkar had lived nearby several years ago and knew the bus route to the University of California, Los Angeles where he killed engineering professor William Klug on Wednesday and then shot himself.

Professor William S. Klug was identified by UCLA as the victim of the shooting.

Professor William S. Klug was identified by UCLA as the victim of the shooting.

His car was found parked in his old neighborhood in Culver City Friday by a bicyclist.

A bomb squad found no explosives but police say a handgun and cans of gasoline were in the trunk.

The gas apparently was there so Sarkar didn’t have to stop for fuel on his trip from Minnesota, where he killed his estranged wife some days ago.

His car was spotted in Denver a day before the UCLA killing.

Police Capt. William Hayes says Sarkar apparently held a grudge against Klug for several years but it’s unclear what triggered his deadly attacks this week.


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