Murdered Federal Way father’s dad pleads for help to stop the killing, catch son’s killer

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FEDERAL WAY — Federal Way Police have spent the last three weeks working around the clock with the ATF and the Washington State Patrol trying to solve a trio of baffling murders in early May.

With your help, they think they have a good chance of identifying the suspect who killed the second victim, Frank Cohens, Jr.

His father is asking for your help to stop the killing and lock up the suspect.

“Here go his son right here,” says Frank Cohens, Sr. A little boy growing up without a father. “Now, I gotta step up and be a grandpa,” says Cohens, Sr. as he holds his grandson. He’s a father now grieving after someone killed his only son last month in Federal Way.

“He was a good person. Always had a smile. Cheerful. Always loved to help people out and I don`t even know why people would take his life like that.”

Frank Cohens, Jr., 27, was found shot to death in his car on south 333rd Street. “He had a beautiful wife, his son, daughter. He had everything going for him. All in one night, it just ends for him. It just ended.”

Police say there were signs of drug activity at the scene. Detectives collected a lot of evidence. “Because we knew Frank and we knew some of Frank`s associates, it`s easier for us to start to put a case together,” says Cathy Schrock with Federal Way Police. “We have a few more pointers as far as known associates, current activities. Things that he`s been involved in recently.”

Frank's murder was the second of three killings in Federal Way in 48 hours. Alex Kelley was shot early that morning on his front porch. Adam Gutierrez was killed the following night while walking his dog.

Detectives think they have a good chance at solving Cohens’ murder. They’ve been interviewing people who knew him and going through his cell phone and social media to identify a suspect, but an anonymous tip pointing them in the right direction would be much faster. Schrock adds, “Especially if you were thinking, ‘Oh, that`s probably not important, because it`s been 3 weeks.’ It is important because we might be working something where that extra piece will make all the difference.”

'Whatever`s done in the dark will come to the light, will come to the light,” says Frank Cohens, Sr. He wouldn't be surprised if his son was killed by someone he was trying to help. He chooses to remember the good things, like his love of basketball and outgoing personality and he has a message for the killer. “Just man up, bro. That`s all I want to say. Whoever did this, just man up, man, because my son didn`t deserve to die like that, because he died alone in a car.”

If you can help Federal Way Police solve his murder, call an anonymous tip into:

You must call the Crime Stoppers hotline with your tip to be eligible to receive a cash reward for information leading to a fugitive’s arrest.

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