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Southwest flight diverted due to ‘suspicious behavior’

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Phoenix, AZ — A Southwest Airlines flight was diverted to Phoenix because there was some “suspicious behavior” on board on Sunday, police said.

Flight 1271 was heading from Los Angeles to Albuquerque when the pilot had to land at Sky Harbor.

Police said there was suspicious behavior that was interfering with the flight crew.

Once the plane was at the gate, Phoenix police contacted two people that were on the flight.

All 131 passengers and five crew members got off the plane and police did a security sweep of the aircraft, Southwest Airlines said.

Nothing was found and the flight then went on to Albuquerque.

The two people were later released.

Flight 1271 was expected to arrive in Albuquerque about one hour and 20 minutes behind schedule, Southwest said.

Phoenix police wouldn’t specifically say what the suspicious behavior was or how they interfered with the flight crew.

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