Local Girl Scouts lead powerful event for young women

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Credit: Julianne Templin Photography

TACOMA — It’s something every girl will deal with, but it also seems to cause shame: millions around the world will miss school because of their periods. In India, menstruation will lead 1 in 4 to drop out.

Local Girl Scouts Julie Witecki and Carleigh Templin started noticing their friends being too embarrassed to even talk about it; the words “menstruation” and “period”, which are just words to describe a natural process women all over the world experience, somehow carry a stigma.

They wanted to tackle that head-on, helping girls in the process.

Julie and Carleigh are hosting a one-day event called the Bleedership Conference: Saturday, May 28th at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Tacoma. The event is catered especially to girls ages 11 – 17 and their adults. It’s co-hosted by Days for Girls, an organization that aims at distributing sustainable supplies for menstruation  to girls around the world. The goal is to make them available to every girl on the planet by 2022.

The conference runs from 10am to 3pm, and features speakers and seminars on female health, nutrition, and self-defense.

To learn  more about this cause and for tickets to attend the conference, click HERE.

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