Home of the ‘Sonics Guy’ burglarized; priceless jerseys, family heirlooms stolen

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TACOMA, Wash. -- Kris Brannon, otherwise known as the "Sonics Guy," said he confronted a burglar at his home Monday who got away with priceless collectibles and one item he can never replace.

The burglary happened in the central Tacoma neighborhood on Monday morning.

Brannon said he immediately knew something wasn’t right when his front door wouldn’t budge. That’s when he dialed 911, but in the middle of the call he spotted and shouted at a burglar, who then took off running.

Brannon said the suspect may have hopped the backyard fence – but he left the manhunt for police.

“He got away,” he said. “The cops showed up five minutes later with a dog and dusted for prints.”

A Tacoma Police K-9 tried tracking for clues but came up empty-handed.

But when Brannon looked inside his home to survey the damage, he realized the crook made quite a score.

The empty clothes hangers scattered in the yard told him that his priceless collection of Sonics and other sports jerseys were likely the thief’s target.

“I had jerseys all the way there and jerseys all the way here and they’re all gone,” he said. “This is what’s left of the ring box. They left the middle part just to taunt me.”

But it was the most sentimental item stolen, a gold and diamond ring given to him by his late father, a priceless heirloom that left Brannon stunned.

“The worst thing, all my jewelry is gone and my dad’s ring. He passed away 12 years ago. That’s gone, that’s the most important thing,” he said.

Cops said a bicycle left in Brannon’s yard might have been the crook's possible getaway vehicle. Police dusted it for prints.

Meanwhile, Brannon was taking stock of what’s left behind, and he hopes the thief has a change of heart and returns the stolen property.

“I’d like my ring back,” he said. “Most importantly my ring back, that ring is from my dad.”

Tacoma Police have yet to release a description of the suspect but investigators believe he had been riding a red and black Mongoose bicycle prior to the burglary.