King County deputies catch accused car thief Michael Sherman after foot chase in Burien

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BURIEN – King County deputies arrested Michael J. Sherman and Demetrius Gorog on 5/26/16 after they got a 911 call from someone who saw a man ditch a red Ford Explorer on 5th Ave S in Burien and run away.  The vehicle had been reported stolen in Issaquah. The ignition and dash area of the vehicle were stripped.

Witnesses say the man later identified as Sherman entered a property about 100 yards away. One of the deputies was familiar with the home because of previous Domestic Violence calls there. They approached the house and asked to speak to a man walking down the driveway. He told them he was Gorog and said, “I have a DOC Warrant.”

When they went to check an upstairs garage apartment, deputies heard a noise and ran around to the back side. Sherman was climbing out of an upstairs window.  He then jumped from the roof and landed on a vehicle in the driveway before climbing a fence.  Deputies fired their Tasers but it did not appear to have any affect so they gave chase. One deputy jumped the fence, cutting his palm and the backside of his hand. Another ran around the front of a home and tackled Sherman in the middle of SW 136 St.  They found a single taser probe in the middle of his back and 3 or 4 of them stuck into the backside of his pants.

Sherman refused to answer any questions. He was booked into jail for Vehicle Theft, Possession of Stolen vehicle, Stolen Property, Reckless Driving and Obstructing Public Officers. He is being held on $60,000 bail. Gorog was booked on his DOC warrant.

Kent Police say Michael Sherman blew through a school zone as students were heading home — putting the pedal to the metal and trying to get away from officers.

And, that’s just a slice of the danger he poses to the public and your kids.

“Kent Police has a warrant for him for reckless driving. Also, the King County Sheriff’s Office is looking for him and has a felony warrant for Mr. Sherman as well,” says Kent Det. Melanie Robinson. “He is a prolific auto thief. He’s a danger to the community. We had an occurrence where he fled from law enforcement, through a school zone just as kids were getting out. He was going 70 miles per hour. Obvious disregard for our public.”

Stealing cars is just one of the crimes detectives say Sherman is out there committing.

They say he’s also used a stolen credit card taken during a car prowl.

“This is a bad guy. He has nine felony convictions and 31 arrests since 2005. He’s prolific and consistently running from law enforcement. We want to get him off the streets.”

His left arm is filled with tattoos and he’s got a spider web inked on the left side of his chest.


If you know where he’s hiding, call an anonymous tip into:


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