Shorter security lines? Sea-Tac Airport adding 90 contract workers this summer

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SEATAC -- Help is on the way for travelers tired of waiting in long security lines. The Port of Seattle and TSA officials are training 90 full-time temporary private contractors to work at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport this summer. Airport officials believe the extra workers will help free up TSA personnel to open up more security lines.

“Increasing the worker size for the increased volume of people that are going to be flying out of here is common sense,” said Dradin Kreft, who was flying to Las Vegas Thursday morning. “I don't see why it wasn't done right away."

The contractors are being trained and will focus on security line duties. Passengers hope the new change will make a difference during peak hours at the airport.

“Depending on the time of day, but this is definitely the worst I've seen this early in the morning,” said passenger Rick Castleton.

The airport is projecting a record number of summer travelers. The contractors start next week and will work through September.