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Former Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal endorses Donald Trump, his former rival

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BELLEVUE, Wash. --  He was one of the harshest critics of Donald Trump, even calling him a “madman” and an “egomaniac.” But now former Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is endorsing the presumptive GOP presidential nominee.

Jindal, who ran against Trump for the nomination, argues the billionaire businessman is the lesser of two evils.

“Donald Trump is the second worst choice we can make,” Jindal said.  “Unfortunately, I think Hillary Clinton is the worst choice we can make.”

Jindal sat down with Q13 News for an exclusive interview during a visit to Bellevue on Thursday for the Washington Policy Center.

As the divided Republican Party works to unify around Trump, Jindal’s endorsement marks an important moment.  Jindal, who prides himself as a Reagan Republican, is hoping other Trump critics will come around.

For Jindal, Trump is worth the risk, especially when it comes to Supreme Court appointments.

“The reality is, there’s not a chance that Hillary would appoint a conservative constitutionalist,” Jindal said.  “There’s at least a chance that Donald Trump would do that.”

Jindal believes Trump would also be better when it comes to foreign affairs, even though he has concerns with Trump's comments about allowing Japan and South Korea to obtain nuclear weapons.

“Obviously, I don’t agree with many of his foreign policy statements,” Jindal said.  “But what I do think, though, that resonates with many Americans is when Donald Trump says our NATO allies need to pay more of their share of the burden.”

Jindal attributes Trump’s success this year to the fact that he was an outsider with no political experience.

“I’ve been very critical of him, and I am,” Jindal said.  “But you have to give him credit. He tapped into people’s middle-class anxieties.”

Jindal says he has no interest in being considered as a vice presidential candidate or a Cabinet member.

“I’ll be voting for him, and I want him to beat Hillary,” he said.  “But, no, I don’t want a job in the administration.”