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Authorities kill coyote in Kirkland after determining it had become ‘threat to public safety’

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KIRKLAND, Wash. -- A large, gray coyote who had been grabbing pets from yards in Kirkland and showing a fearlessness toward people for the past two months was killed by authorities, the city of Kirkland said Tuesday.

The city "authorized the lethal removal" of the coyote in consultation with the USDA's Wildlife Services, which killed the animal last Friday, May 13.

"We listened to the concerns of our residents and we took action after reviewing the current coyote situation with federal experts and understanding the available options," said City Manager Kurt Triplett.

According to Wildlife Services, in this instance, the animal had become too familiar with humans, unafraid, confronting people walking dogs, jumping or digging under fences, killing or attacking pets day and night in open spaces and in yards.

"Once Wildlife Services confirmed that this coyote had habituated to humans and had become a threat to public safety, the City took the very difficult, yet decisive step to authorize lethal intervention in order to protect the well-being of our residents," Triplett said.


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