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Pro-Clinton super PAC to start airing general election ads against Trump on Wednesday

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COVINGTON, Kentucky — Priorities USA, the big money pro-Hillary Clinton super PAC, will begin airing general election ads against presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump on Wednesday, according to a spokesman.

Priorities USA will spend $6 million on ads between May 18 and June 8, hitting Trump in Ohio, Florida, Virginia and Nevada, all general election battleground states. The ads will try to do what no Republican could: Take down the businessman who beat a scrum of veteran politicians to all-but-win the Republican nomination.

“Donald Trump is a divisive, dangerous, con man who should never be president of the United States,” said Justin Barasky, spokesman for the super PAC, who added that the super PAC is airing ads to show, in part, that it is preparing “for a close and competitive election.”

Both of the first ads, named “Speak” and “Respect,” use Trump’s own comments to cast the presumptive Republican nominee as anti-women.

One of the Priorities ads utilizes a variety of actors, clad in Trump T-shirts, mouthing his words about Megyn Kelly, his daughter, Ivanka, and other women, before asking the viewer: “Does Donald Trump really speak for you?”

Likewise, another ad uses similar statements from Trump with footage of the man himself, before asserting “Donald Trump is wrong for us.”

Priorities, an outfit tasked with raising millions of dollars and spending it on television ads, has previously announced that they would spend $130 million in ads that will begin airing ads on June 8, the day after primaries in California and New Jersey.

But the group is now moving up those ad reservations in an attempt to start Clinton’s pivot to the general before Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, Clinton’s Democratic primary challenger, is officially out of the race. Clinton’s campaign, which is still raising primary dollars and pledging to campaign in primary states, has been unable to make that turn.

How Priorities will define Trump is still unclear, and people close to the group declined to preview the content of their first ad.


Priorities USA has now reserved $136 million in ads, $96 million on TV, $35 million on digital, and another $5.3 million on radio.