SUV careens through Portland yard, narrowly missing woman

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Pieces of fencing and debris are now scattered from one end of Kristi Skeie's yard to the other after an SUV crashed through the fence. (KPTV)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KPTV) — A very close call on Wednesday for a northeast Portland woman after an SUV came crashing through her fence, narrowly missing her.

Pieces of fencing and debris are now scattered from one end of Kristi Skeie’s yard to the other.

Police said this happened after three cars crashed just outside her home, located at Northeast Simpson and NE 60th, and one of the drivers didn’t stop.

“I heard a big bang. It sounded like they crashed right there on the corner,” said Kristi.

Police said the impact of the three-car crash sent one of them right into her yard, narrowly missing Kristi and her dog.

“[The driver] missed me by like six inches. I could just feel it when it came so close to me. It didn’t feel like he was applying the brakes and I thought to myself, man I almost got killed.”

Kristi said wood and dirt was flying and she was hit in the head by debris.

The driver even crashed through the back fence Kristi shares with her neighbor.

“That was so close, I mean, I almost bit it. That was a big SUV!”

The side of Kristi’s home was almost hit as well.

“I thought he was going to crash into my bedroom actually!”

Kristi said another driver crashed through the same part of her fence a few years ago.

The names of the people involved in the three-car crash have not been released.

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