‘Skimming’ suspect: Help Puyallup Police identify accused crook using cloned cards for criminal shopping spree

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puyallup skimmerWANTED IN PUYALLUP —
Puyallup Police are hoping you can identify this guy with the gauged ear piercings and the Burton beanie.

Detectives say he’s hit several stores using multiple cloned credit cards.

His victims are hoping you know his name as well.

“A hundred here, a hundred there, it adds up,” says Ashley Frelin.

She and her husband, Doug, are two of a growing number of people who Puyallup police say have fallen victim to a man they believe is stealing credit card numbers by ‘skimming,’ using a small device that scans cards and stores the info. “We know our victims have their cards in hand,” says Puyallup Police Det. Mike Lusk,” So, the information on those cards had to have been obtained on some sort of point of sale, usually at a restaurant or a clothing store or something like that nature and then it’s later embossed to an actual physical card.”

The Frelin’s say they spotted the thefts but others might not. “I think for this person, they were kind of doing it smart because they weren’t major purchases, they could have skimmed right on by and we wouldn’t have noticed but since we communicate quite a bit it was something that kind of stood out to me, that neither of us made those purchases.”

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Puyallup Police say the suspect uses two or three cards from different victims to swipe a small purchase as well as gift cards. Det. Lusk adds, "This person is known in the area and hopefully someone can identify them and just know that this person may not be the person who actually collected the information at the point of sale. It could be somebody their dating or are in a relationship with or an accomplice and then this is the person that actually goes out and uses the cards to commit the fraud."

The bank returned the Frelin's money, but Doug says it's still frustrating knowing this guy was able to somehow steal it in the first place. "The hassle may be over once they return your money, but we want to get these people off the streets.”

Detectives think the suspect is white, in his 20’s with dark hair, a close kept beard, gauged ear piercings. He wore a Burton beanie, mirror sunglasses, a necklace, blue hooded jacket and blue jean and turquoise Nike high top shoes.

If you know his name, call an anonymous tip into:

You must call the Crime Stoppers hotline with your tip to be eligible to receive a cash reward for information leading to a fugitive’s arrest.

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