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State looking to trap young bear that killed chickens, a sheep northwest of Ferndale

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FERNDALE, Wash. — A young black bear has been spotted ransacking chicken coops and even killing a sheep northwest of Ferndale, state Department Fish & Wildlife warden Dave Jones confirmed Thursday.

The Bellingham Herald first reported on the bear, which has been sighted several times since last Sunday, May 8.

Jones said the bear, which is believed to weigh about 150 pounds, reportedly attacked several chicken coops in the area, making off with eggs and killing several chickens. More worrying, Jones said, is a report that the bear killed a sheep at a home along Arnie Road.

Killing an animal as big as a sheep is unusual for a young black bear, Jones said, as they usually look for feed in bird feeders or food left in trash bins.

Jones said he has set up a trap where the bear killed the sheep and another one about a mile west of Interstate 5 on Bay Road.

Shaaron Coleman took these photos of the bear above and posted them on her Facebook page with his note:

“Holy cow! Black bear just knocked over the Wood Duck box by our pond and was trying to get the duck eggs out! Juvenile about 125-150 pounds. This is at Thornton and Elder Roads (near Lake Terrell) in Ferndale, WA on May 10.”