Seattle middle school students create petition challenging dress code

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SEATTLE -- Students at Washington Middle School in Seattle say administrators are shaming and humiliating them over what they’re wearing to school. So a group of girls is fighting back. They believe the dress code is subjective and singles out girls.

Each school has its own dress code and could be interpreted differently depending on the administrator or teacher.

Washington Middle School’s dress code states students can’t wear clothing that interferes with the learning process, but parent Christine Wise feels the rules seem directed at girls, not boys.

“I think that this age group has a lot going on in regards to hormones, but I don’t think it’s the girl’s responsibility to cover themselves up,” said Wise.

It’s why Wise is supporting her daughter and friends as they challenge the school’s dress code through this petition they created online, which already has more than a thousand signatures from people all over the world.

“A lot of people have talked to their schools about changing the dress code, and I think there’s going to be some response,” said Sophia Tekeste, a Washington Middle School eighth grader.

Tekeste and others hope the response will be from administrators, which will include adopting new rules that level the playing field.

“I think both boys and girls need to learn to live together and not treat each other as sexual objects but as fellow students and classmates,” said Wise.

Seattle Public Schools would not comment on the petition and would only say each school’s dress code policies are different.