Good Samaritan rescues 2 burned kittens after fire at Seattle homeless camp ‘The Jungle’

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SEATTLE — Someone rescued two kittens who were burned in a fire Monday at The Jungle, a homeless camp along Interstate 5 near downtown Seattle.

That good Samaritan took the two cats to Rainier Veterinary Hospital for treatment. Both kittens had skin burns, corneal ulcers and burned nose and ear tips.

The hospital posted the kittens’ story on their Facebook page saying, “the positive news is that they are responding well to pain medication and are eating and drinking—very good signs. Plus, the kittens seem to be breathing normally, and their lungs sound OK. Soon, we will be taking X-rays to see if the kittens’ lungs sustained any damage from the smoke inhalation.”

The good Samaritan, who did not want to be identified, offered to pay the bill for the injured cats. Several others have since reached out to the vet to offer contributions.